How to get a touchable menu on tablets


ddm HACK

0142-task add
ddm := drop down menu - here: by wLc-r2-design

What a heck this HACK !

wLc-r2-design produces a ddm depending on the total width of the menu titles of level-1 menu named here the top level menu (bar).

When there are sufficiently enough menu items the ddm is produced when loading the page(s).

Therefore, if the number of true menu items is not sufficient to create this effect, putting some or a lot of nonsense menu items at the end of the navigation will provoke this effect.

How to hide the nonsense menu items when the page is displayed ?

  • For the conventional top-level menu bar use CSS " .custom-wrapper li:nth-child(1n+X) a { visibility:hidden } ". The empty / blank / void places (of the non-visible menu items) are not mouse / cursor sensitive.
  • For the dd menu  by css " li:nth-child(1n+X) a{ display:none; } " these menu item can be "deleted" immediately when loading the page these menu items are not displayed. 
  • Choose the X in the formula depending on your "good / eligible / true" menu items.

Instead of many nonsense menu items some extremely long menu titles only do not produce the desired result !

Very important : see CSS for centering !!!